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What is AnimeReactor

AnimeReactor is a group of friends that is committed to releasing rare, high quality anime on the ed2k network. These releases will be shared by all of our members for about three weeks for high availability, and thereafter with lower bandwidth and thus lower availability. We plan on releasing one season of a TV series, a pack of OVAs, or movies averaging around 5GB at a time.

Most of our releases originate from other groups, with us only helping in distributing the releases for wider audiences. We thank all the groups involved in subbing and encoding anime, and wish them the best of times with new series.

Where to find us

#AnimeReactor @ Synirc

AnimeReactor News

21-Sep-2007 we moved (again)

There are rumours about Zirc dying. Although Zirc's website is deniing it, some zirc servers moved to Synirc. #anidb already moved to Synirc, so we move along.


29-Mar-2007 we moved

We heard the irc admin is not around to restore the services on the chatsociety network. The anidb crew already decided to move to the Zirc network with Chii, so we move along.


26-Mar-2007 irc trouble

For those who cannot connect to the chatsociety irc server, please use one of the following ip's:


29-Jul-2006 DNS change

I am transferring domains from 1 account to another for: anime-reactor.com, .net, and .org - this will mess up the subdomains: irc.anime-reactor.*** , anidb.anime-reactor.***, forum.anime-reactor.*** until these fully transfer and I can re-setup the subdomains and get them pointed back to where they need to go.
So anyone coming in the next day or 2, please let them know that I'm already on top of it, and it will be updated as soon as it allows me to re-create the subdomains for forwarding.


5-Feb-2005 New spot for the forum.

Yes, it hasn`t been too long since the forum got the new URL and was announced here. But although that was a good idea, there was another idea.
Currently we have the forum at http://forum.anime-reactor.net, which means that it`s at least easier to remember since it`s also the domain where this website is hosted :) Hope to see you back soon on the forums!

3-Feb-2005 Where has the forum gone?

Lately the forum is nothing but trouble. First it went down due to the upgrades which had to be installed, then it didn`t work properly due to all the hacks we`ve made to get things working the way we wanted - and now the domain has suddenly cut off. So what`s next?
In order to still be available to the general public, we made an alternative way to get there. The link on the left side is already fixed, but you might want to bookmark this url as well:
just in case.

Our apologies for all the trouble but we`re not doing this on purpose >_<

- Gambit

21-Oct-2004 Aruba.it is teh sukc

On May 12th, the AnimeReactorAruba.it is teh sukc. The host of our original domain, animereactor.net , and told them we wished to use another hoster, and to transfer the domain from them to another ICANN affiliated hosting company. We did this because the services we had signed up for were NOT being provided, even though we had paid extra for them (MySQL DB and some stats). Aruba.it insisted that the services were in operation. Our first call in to their tech support about this was very early in January, or late December, when we had tried to release something, and our release page wouldn't work. They had been assuring us for many months that the services worked fine, but we could not get the services to work, and always had "MySQL connection failed, no database at location or user / password incorrect"... even after copy/pasting the login/pass combo they had emailed us. They never returned emails or phone calls asking why the services *had* worked, and then shut off one day. Months went by. More emails and phone calls. No response other than "we don't speak English". So we had persons from Italy call... they speak Italian! After they called and got ahold of the tech support, kudo's to the 2 hour wait time they had to endure, and told them the account in question, suddenly the techs could no longer speak Italian, and hung up. They let our domain expire, and would not contact tucows (their domain holder) and unlock the domain, so it could be transferred. Contact was made with tucows, and we were told that Aruba.it needed to contact them to have them change it. Aruba.it did NOT contact them, even after sending multiple emails and more calls to them to have them change this. Tucows unlocked the domain after the 60 day waiting period after a domain name expires, and allowed another company to purchase our domain, even after all the transfer paperwork had been filled out and sitting at our new hosters desk. Our hoster couldn't do anything more without the unlocked domain.

So I say unto you, if you use Aruba.it as a host or any of it's services, I suggest you switch and transfer away your services to another provider... if you can! I recommend starting this process at least 90 days from domain expiration, as they are unbelievably slow on tech support, and usually take 24 - 48 hours to see your request for service.

AnimeReactor Crew

6-Jul-2004 Animereactors 31st release

AnimeReactor is pleased to announce it's 31st release. It's been a while, but things are beginning to move once again. For now enjoy Leiji Matsumoto's trilogy of movies based upon the Galaxy Express television series.

for more information go to


28-Jun-2004 Deathline Contest

The contest will end on 10th July 2004, at this date, the final design will be known and shown on http://www.anime-reactor.net

If someone still have some unfinished designs, post them on the forum. We could use some pieces for our site :P


30-Mar-2004 AnimeReactor needs a new design.

Well, it`s been a while now and we realized the AR website needs a new design. So, we started a thread on the forum where you can post your design, or just announce that you`re gonna try to make one.
Remember that we have to be looking at it for a while, so try to make a good one :P
AnimeReactor Design Contest

- Gambit

13-Mar-2004 AnimeReactor Community Awards

It`s been a while until this project started running, but things have paid off really well!

The ARCommunity has chosen a Jury to pick out the best anime of the year 2003 and just after the beginning of 2004, they came with a lot of titles to vote for. The ARCommunity has voted for them and the results are clear.

Below you can find a link to the forum-thread where we announced all the Awards for each category.
AnimeReactor Community Awards

If you want to voice your opinion, or just want to complain/praise the Jury/community, or perhaps even have a complain/suggestion for the next time we will do this, go to the General Discussion Forum :)

26-Feb-2004 Relocation IRC-channels

Since mircx permanently died and both Aniverse as ETG suffered from heavy attacks, we decided to set up another channel on another server: chatsociety.
Eventually it became clear that chatsociety appeared to be one hell of a stable network, so after some research and discussion we decided to make that our new home.
This time not together in a network with the biggest manga or anime groups, but on a server which is at least rockstable and very unlikely to be attacked.

So, if you want to join us at IRC again, drop by at irc.chatsociety.net
The channels where most of us hang out are:

7-Feb-2004 Some big changes

Aruba, which hosted the AR website, suddenly decided to drop the entire SQL database. That`s why the AnimeReactor team hasn`t been able to announce some stuff here, since the releases just disappeared. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In return, we have managed to move things around a bit with the help of some AR-people and some freelancers and now the website is up again - temporarily though. Aruba is now gone and we`re looking for a reliable host to host the website and the database. That shouldn`t take too long, so expect AnimeReactor to be back soon with some more release :)

12-Dec-2003 Animereactor's revival

After long period of silence, AnimeReactor has revived. We celebrate our revival with our 30th release, Shaman King episodes 43 to 64. Thus completing Shaman King.

Enjoy the release, and look for new releases monthly from now on.

Active releases

Release name

AniDB link


Release Date

Adieu Galaxy Express 999 Anidb   6-Jul-2004
Galaxy Express.999 - Eternal Fantasy Anidb   6-Jul-2004
Galaxy express the movie Anidb   6-Jul-2004