30-Mar-2004 AnimeReactor needs a new design.

Well, it`s been a while now and we realized the AR website needs a new design. So, we started a thread on the forum where you can post your design, or just announce that you`re gonna try to make one.
Remember that we have to be looking at it for a while, so try to make a good one :P
AnimeReactor Design Contest

- Gambit

13-Mar-2004 AnimeReactor Community Awards

It`s been a while until this project started running, but things have paid off really well!

The ARCommunity has chosen a Jury to pick out the best anime of the year 2003 and just after the beginning of 2004, they came with a lot of titles to vote for. The ARCommunity has voted for them and the results are clear.

Below you can find a link to the forum-thread where we announced all the Awards for each category.
AnimeReactor Community Awards

If you want to voice your opinion, or just want to complain/praise the Jury/community, or perhaps even have a complain/suggestion for the next time we will do this, go to the General Discussion Forum :)

26-Feb-2004 Relocation IRC-channels

Since mircx permanently died and both Aniverse as ETG suffered from heavy attacks, we decided to set up another channel on another server: chatsociety.
Eventually it became clear that chatsociety appeared to be one hell of a stable network, so after some research and discussion we decided to make that our new home.
This time not together in a network with the biggest manga or anime groups, but on a server which is at least rockstable and very unlikely to be attacked.

So, if you want to join us at IRC again, drop by at
The channels where most of us hang out are:

7-Feb-2004 Some big changes

Aruba, which hosted the AR website, suddenly decided to drop the entire SQL database. That`s why the AnimeReactor team hasn`t been able to announce some stuff here, since the releases just disappeared. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In return, we have managed to move things around a bit with the help of some AR-people and some freelancers and now the website is up again - temporarily though. Aruba is now gone and we`re looking for a reliable host to host the website and the database. That shouldn`t take too long, so expect AnimeReactor to be back soon with some more release :)

12-Dec-2003 Animereactor's revival

After long period of silence, AnimeReactor has revived. We celebrate our revival with our 30th release, Shaman King episodes 43 to 64. Thus completing Shaman King.

Enjoy the release, and look for new releases monthly from now on.